Rubix shape of infinite, color shape, and size

A wisp of air escapes from your lips, enough to make me close my eyes, revealing the Milky Way.  Your body presses up against mine, right arm across my chest, right leg curled across my right leg, you inhale.  I think about the time when I fell in love with you, sitting across from me at a generic coffee shop, around the time the generic nine to fivers go to work.  The sun lit up your face, eyes sparkling gemstone blue, the sound of the milk steamer muted for the moment’s eternity, I failed to take a few breaths.  When my body remembered to breath, every molecule of oxygen diffusing across my alveolar membranes was felt to my soul.  I was high off you.  My entire supply of dopamine released, flooding the deep space, the Mariana trenches with euphoria. Two supergiant O-type stars appear, your eyes, burning deep holes through the fabric of space-time and I enter a string of dimensions interwoven into a rubix shape of infinite color, shape, and size.